Does training come with the StoryCatcher?

The kiosk is a simple system that does not need much training. We will help with implementation of the kiosk, and be on hand for support at any time, should the need arise. Set up is easy and operation is designed to be hands free.

What are the key roles and responsibilities for successful implementation at my organization?

  • Program administrator: Processes contracts, disperses information about the project to the individuals, and handles scheduling of the interviews as necessary. 
  • IT: Installs the kiosk, manages the space that it is kept in.
  • Counselor (where applicable): Prepares for the eventuality that the interview may prompt the individual to reach out for someone to talk to.

What kind of WiFi access do we need to use the StoryCatcher or Time Machine?

The StoryCatcher both downloads and uploads large volumes of video content to the Cloud. As the saved HD files are often quite large, we recommend minimum nominal upload and download speeds of 5 mbps. In situations where the technology infrastructure does not provide for this broadband performance, or where broadband services are subject to data caps or real-time bandwidth throttling, we may be able to provide alternate lower-resolution storage solutions. Please inquire for more details.

Are your interviews available in different languages?


How long does a typical interview take?

It depends on individual interview, but our standard, in depth longitudinal story capturing interviews take approximately 30-45 minutes.

What about Legal/Risk Management?

Legal / Risk Assessment teams must review two areas:

  1. Agreements – There are two agreements that must be executed which we will provide:
    • Between us and your organization
    • Between us and the individuals that will be using our programs
  2. Privacy – Specific privacy agreements vary by industry and organization (stating who has permission to view the footage), but we offer a secure, cloud storage solution.  Should you elect to store your footage on your own servers, an acceptable level of privacy must be guaranteed to the individuals. In this event, maintaining privacy is your organization’s responsibility.

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