From Filmmaking to StoryCatching 

In 2001, we set out to interview 60 children in the Seattle area, every year for 12 years, in hopes to put a finger on the pulse of a generation longing to make sense of adolescence in the 21st century. What began as a filmmaker making a documentary evolved into a life long process of amplifying the unheard voices of our youth and helping adolescence become a stage for authoring their own stories.  Over the past 15 years this endeavor has illuminated how important the power of story is in each of us, and how life changing it is to truly tell it. As participants explored who they are and what they are experiencing,  the transformative wisdom of Socrates' "Know Thyself" is realized in real time. 

We are a social enterprise created to offer mediums for people all over the world to engage in self-discovery. Whether it is children grappling with the challenges of growing up, adults capturing transformation as they overcome adversity, or seniors reflecting on their life journeys, we are committed to capturing and inspiring, truly authentic stories.

MISSION: To become a global catalyst for self-discovery and personal transformation through personal storytelling and to help create a more emotionally intelligent and informed generation of self-aware, empowered individuals. 


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