Our youth specific project, called The School of Life Project, began as an exploration of a generation through the lens of a filmmaker and evolved into a life long process of amplifying the unheard voices of our youth and helping adolescence become a place of self discovery, wisdom and hope, instead of one of insecurity, anxiety and peer pressure. As kids undergo this process of self exploration and share their story, they not only learn more about who they are, but allow their voice to resonate in the hearts of kids just like them saying "you aren't alone!"

The School of Life Project's mission is to help kids find themselves before they lose themselves.

Make the movie of your lIfe

The StoryQ kiosk gives you the chance to document your journey growing up.

The School of Life Project (SLP) has expanded into the educational field by means of the StoryQ program. Guided by the SLP key life questions, teens get to document themselves growing up and create a time capsule of their life as they live it. Educators who provide these kiosks in their schools or who have screened the SLP documentaries have noticed these three specific things about SLP teens: 

  1. By being asked to be self-analytical, participants began to process everything that was happening to them in a much healthier and productive way. Instead of being victims of their problems, they were more likely to become masters of them.

  2. No matter what a child’s background, natural giftings or experiences, every child feels terribly alone when faced with the challenges of growing up.

  3. When kids see the stories of The School of Life Project, they're empowered to remain vigilant and courageous as they battle through the gauntlet of adolescence.

We believe, in fact, that kids are the best authors of their own lives, and that learning to tell their own stories as they run the gauntlet of adolescence is a vital means of helping kids find themselves before they lose themselves.

See The School of Life Project in action via: 

MILLENNIALS- a 6-part series following the journeys of several individuals growing up over 15 years.  

Airing May 5th on Ovation

Beyond love, shelter, food and security, perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give a child is a sense of emotional awareness. Even as adults we recognize and yet can still struggle with the puzzling psychological, familial and instinctive forces that influence our choices and ultimately the course of our lives.

Throughout the course of this project, we’ve found that there is nothing more empowering than to give our youth the ability to move from victim to master of those mysterious forces and to realize that they are, and can be, the authors of their own lives.
— R.S.
Even if you can’t save time in a bottle, The School of Life Project captured something just as precious: the little girl giggle-stories, the pre-teen insights, and the adolescent angst and thoughtfulness of my (now) young-adult daughter. Watching her ups, downs, trials and joys stream together on video still brings tears to my eyes when I see it. I can only imagine what it will mean to her future children when she chooses to show them.”
— S.M.
My kids had the chance to express their problems through a video diary over the course of many years, then being able to view not only their experiences and drama but the challenges other children face as well. It gave them a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection and the chance to put their problems in a real perspective. School of Life was a positive real-life experience for them. I feel it has given them real confidence in who they are.
— N.D.