When we are born, we are a mystery.  We have little idea about who we are, and what our place is in the universe.  Life experience and education teaches us how the world works but how do we discover ourselves, our purpose & our unique story?



The only way to find the right answers is by asking the right questions. We've spent 15 years developing ours with the help of professionals in counseling psychology and developmental molecular biology. While we have different purposes for various questions, our core key-life questions center around the individual's longings and fears- two major motivators in determining how they live their lives. 


We generally have within us the answer to our own mystery- our own pain, our own problems, our own potential.  Reflection leads to introspection and eventually….


Like the apple landing on Sir Isaac Newton’s head, our own truth is revealed as long as we are looking for it.


Socrates said “Know Thyself” and described an ideal life as a self-examined life. Finding our own truth, understanding our own predilections, habits and fears, discovering our own passion and desires allows us to actively pursue blooming into the best version of ourselves.  We move from being victims of circumstance to authors of our own lives.  

Every day we write a new page in our lives and we alone decide whether that story will be epic.


Using technology to implement our method as a tool for self-discovery.

It was an invaluable learning experience...The boys gained a sense of responsibility for themselves, their family, and the future. They realized the impact of choice as they looked forward to questions about their life status. In many ways, the experience helped them foresee where they fit into the big picture—and realize that it is possible to change direction, steer their own ship, and alter outcomes for the better.
— J.N.