While our core focus is to use our method and technology to capture personal transformation and to inspire self- discovery (particularly with youth and in the mental health realm), our products and services are available to a wide variety of fields. If you or your organization have a story that needs capturing without the need for expensive filmmaking, we can configure our StoryQ tools to fit your needs. Whether it's helping to show the transformation that your organization fosters in it's individuals, or simply providing a hands-free tool to capture dialogue on film, we have you covered. 

Some peripheral uses for our technology include:

  • Employee Reviews

  • Camps/ Retreats

  • Workout Programs

  • Film Festivals (Personal Video Reviews)

  • Special Events

  • Seniors (as a "Legacy Video Journal")

  • Video Guest Book for weddings

  • Veteran Affairs/ PTS

  • Organ Donors/ Recipient Stories

  • HR Departments

Have a great idea for a new use for our system?