15 years in the making...

Brought to you by The School of Life Project, Millennials is an emotionally raw look into the lives of a diverse group of 22 children as they transition from the innocence of childhood through the turbulence of adolescence and emerge as young adults. Through yearly candid interviews over the course of 15 years, Millennials echoes in real life what the award-winning film Boyhood has done in fiction.

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Episode 1: Secrets

Aired May 5  on Ovation

Danielle is a girl who at 12 enjoyed puddle-jumping with her friends but by 14 she was cutting and ended up in a mental hospital.  As a story of molestation emerges, she struggles to recover.  A story of betrayal, loss of innocence, courage and recovery. 

Jonathan—an achiever with big dreams until the reluctant realization of his own sexuality sends him into a tailspin of addiction, violence and turmoil.   His story of coming to accept himself is a microcosm of the Gay Rights Movement in this decade.

Jade, like many girls, grows up investing her self worth in her appearance.  But she becomes more critical with every passing day and develops BDD(body dysmorphic disorder) where she looks in the mirror and sees a monster.  She descends into a self-destructive abyss of promiscuity, alcohol and heroin and then gets pregnant.  In a bid to save her life and the life of her baby, she finds purpose.

+ Danielle UPDATE...

Danielle is now 27 and is prepping to move to Durango Colorado with her fiancé Sean. They are getting hitched June 2017. “I’m looking forward to our future as we become small business owners and enjoy a quiet and simple life on a small ranch. I'm back in the life of coffee as I'm currently a barista in downtown Seattle, I am co president of Pit-A-Billy, a community organization that helps raise funds for Bully Breeds in need, and spend my down time, crafting, cooking and working in charity programs. I'm over 8 years clean and love every moment my life brings to me.”

+ Jonathan UPDATE...

Jonathan has spent the last few years teaching or working for various .coms in Europe. He has recently spent the last several month training as a Kickboxer in Thailand.

+ Jade UPDATE...

Jade is thriving, being a mother to her beautiful little girl and attending college in Washington State.

Episode 2: Popularity

Aired May 12th on Ovation

Simon is a kid who appears to have it all---smarts, looks, athletic ability, a great family.  But all is not what it appears to be.  Too sensitive for his new reality, he falls into an abyss from which most people never emerge.  A story of family, loss, betrayal, self discovery and redemption.

Gennette is a bright, ambitious young woman with a passion for journalism.  But when she suddenly finds herself as the central target in one of the most notorious national tabloid scandals of 2011, how will she handle it and will her faith in this time honored profession survive?

Kellan is a boy whose health problems could not stop him from playing his beloved baseball.  But will that same courage bolster him as his family breaks apart and he loses his once dependable father to alcoholism?   

+ Simon UPDATE...

Simon has leased two acres of land in the middle of California and is developing a sustainable farm with the woman he loves.

+ Gennette UPDATE...

Jennette continues to travel the world and write. She recently authored an article in Huffington Post.

+ Kellan UPDATE...

Kellan is in his last few quarters before graduation at Southern Oregon University, working towards a degree in Political Science and a minor in Communications. He is a player and coach for the SOU Raider's Club baseball team.

Episode 3: Immigrants

Aired May 19th on Ovation

Cristian is an immigrant boy with an unabridged belief in the American dream.  But when his father fails to follow the family from Mexico, this land of opportunity comes at a cost.  Will his optimism survive?

Gwenth is born of Vietnamese Immigrants and when she hits High School in America, her father tighten his grip against any American influence in the family…with bad results.

Prottush is an innocent, young Canadian Muslim who immigrates to a post-911 America inherently suspicious of him. He denies who he is in an attempt to fit it and starts to lose himself.  Will he find himself again before losing himself altogether?

+ Cristian UPDATE...

Cristian has a job with a major distributor in Washington State. He has also grown his own business and continues to mentor kids. He is hoping for a path to citizenship.

+ Gwenth UPDATE...

Gwenth works for high tech company in Seattle, WA and continues to build a life of her own and on her own.

+ Prottush UPDATE...

Prottush has been recruited to work with a high tech gaming company in Seattle, WA. He continues to play his guitar and performs with fellow musicians in local clubs.

Episode 4: Siblings

Aired May 26th on Ovation

Sam and Luke are two brothers who love their family but have trouble with each other. Jealousy and depression factor in but when one steps out and does something kind for the other a new relationship emerges. A story that speaks to the power of family.

Zeke and Eli are two brothers torn apart by the events surrounding the implosion of their family. Zeke chooses the road to self medication and nearly ends up killing his best friend. Eli attempts to avoid his brother’s mistakes but events continue to drag him down. Zeke finally finds redemption but Eli finds it difficult to find the road to self empowerment.  An ongoing story. 

Zoriah and Veda are a brother and sister living alone with their artist father. When tragedy strikes, they are bonded by a common loss and the challenges of negotiating the social minefield of middle school and high school.  

+ Sam & Luke Update...

Sam and Luke went on missions for their church and now have gotten married and are both expecting their first children. Sam is an entrepanuer and Luke is headed into dentistry.

+ Zeke & Eli Update...

Zeke has landed a major job as an engineer in Southern California and travels the state managing projects for his company. Eli lives with his girlfriend and is attending college in Los Angeles.

+ Zoriah & Veda Update...

Zoriah has been fighting forest fires for the Job Corps in northern California. Veda is attending Community College and is saving up to travel.

Episode 5: Achievers

Aired June 2nd on Ovation

Haley is the homecoming princess that others look up to. Kind, fun-loving, athletic. She has everything going for her but she struggles with a deep sadness and a guilt for feeling that way. 

Jonny and Liam are two highly competitive brothers who set their sights on attending McGill University (the Harvard of Canada). Brotherly love means they have each other’s back but Jonny is hiding behind a brave face and Liam is hiding something even bigger. 

Kobra is a beautiful young, "perfect" girl trying to please everyone but the fear of failure is taking it toll. As the pressure mounts she decides to ‘let it go’ and risks it all to Canada’s leading female heavy metal rock star opening for KISS these past summers.   

+ Haley Update...

Haley has graduated from the University of Washington and is on the job market.

+ Jonny & Liam Update...

Jonny is stationed in the Ukraine with the Canadian Army. Liam is graduating from McGill and looking at Graduate Schools.

+ Kobra Update...

Kobra continues to tour around the world as the leading lady for Kobra and the Lotus.

Episode 6: Resilience

Aired June 9th on Ovation

Luciano is dirt poor and lives in a small town in Chile. He lost his right eye to cancer, his mother to alcoholism and now an even more devastating disaster strikes him. What does he do? You’ve never seen a story like this one as he redefines resilience and symbolizes the unlimited potential of the human spirit.

Hans fights childhood Leukemia and beats it but as a side effect is social anxiety as he enters middle school, he develops Crohn’s disease. In an attempt to find relevance in his life he decides to become the first teen to chronicle teen Crohn’s disease on video. 

Darius was born a ‘he’ but as adolescence approaches he feels more like a ‘she’ and makes a very bold decision. This is Darius’ most life changing journey thus far.  

+ Luciano Update...

Through his para-athletic achievements and growing advocacy for people with disabilities, Luciano has become a national hero in Chile with a high media profile. He has been featured a number of times on national television. He now plans to attend university in his home country and graduate school in the USA. He is well on the way to fulfilling his dream of helping others through sharing his story.

+ Hans Update...

Hans is currently a sophomore at a High School in Issaquah, WA. He has to work very hard at attending school, church, and youth activities because his anxiety frequently makes him quite ill. It is a rough road but he enjoys playing in Magic tournaments on the weekends. Recently, Hans doctors have changed their diagnosis from Crohn’s Disease to Ulcerative Colitis. Hans good-naturedly shares that since this is a disease of the colon and he no longer has a colon, he must be cured.

+ Darius Update...

Darius continues to attend public High School in Seattle, WA. She lives with her Grandparents, and is surrounded by good friends. She focuses daily on just being a normal teenager.



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